Air Conditioners: The Unico System

No renovation, no problem.

The Unico System is a superior heating and cooling system that will heat/cool your house quietly and evenly. Ideal for older homes that do not have the conventional space for the heating and cooling system, but proficient for all, the Unico System is a perfect fit for all. This unique design for a heating and cooling system will put you at ease to enjoy the true comforts of your home without any major reconstruction.

This revolutionary system is built with flexible small ducts to fit and maneuver through the smallest spaces in your house—ceilings, walls, attics, crawlspaces, and closets. The small duct system is one-third the size of conventional sheet metal ducts. These ducts carry high pressure amounts of air, while reducing the volumes of air flow to evenly distribute air through your house. The conventional air conditioning system dumps conditioned air into a room causing drafts and uncomfortable warm and cold spots. The Unico System circulates air gently throughout each room, providing a comfortable temperature throughout the room.  

The Unico SystemThe Benefits of The Unico System:

  • Fits any space
  • Little or no remodeling required
  • Draft-free, with even temperatures
  • Removes 30% more moisture
  • Quiet performance
  • Matches any decor