Obsolete Parts: Pulse Furnace  

As of 11/12/11, certain Pulse furnace parts will no longer be made available. Due to the age of the Pulse furnace and the new line of Lennox furnaces, Lennox is discontinuing some Pulse furnace parts. We have compiled a list of parts that are not available or are being phased out based on Lennox. It is recommended that anyone who has a Pulse furnace should consider replacing the furnace. Doing so will prevent the possibility of a furnace failure in the dead of winter that is not repairable. Not all parts on the Pulse are furnace specific and those parts should be available for the near future. If you are considering a replacement furnace, we recommend The SLP98V which qualifies for a $250 rebate from Lennox. Additionally NICOR is offering a $500 rebate for qualifying furnaces up to $1000 when combined with a hi-efficiency >16 SEER central air conditioning system.

Note: All the above offers are for a limited time. Call office for details. 847-253-0866

The five following furnace specific OEM parts wont be made available:

  • SPARK PLUG (furnace specific)
  • GAS VALVE (depends on model #)

*** As of 02/08/12 Lennox is evaluating an aftermarket ignition control. This is NOT an OEM replacement. This control is offered as an aftermarket replacement for the 60J00 ignition control. Availability is expected in 3-4 weeks.

If you have any questions regarding the Pulse furnace, please feel free to Contact Us during our service hours at 847-253-0866.